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Winter Tips For Drivers In The Greater Toronto Area

Updated: Jan 6

Yep, it's here! The good old winter season has started in a hurry this year, creating, as usual, many winter traffic problems that we are already familiar with. Just last weekend, (December 1 - 2, 2019) we had over 500 accidents in the Greater Toronto Area, and many more roadside occurrences such as battery boost requests, car lockout calls and many other situations that have kept our roadside assistance service very busy, on the road.

Here are a few tips for drivers in the Greater Toronto Area, to avoid the most common occurrences this winter season:

Car Battery.

Don't try to warm up the car by having only the auxiliary turned on. If you have to warm up your vehicle, make sure the engine is running. We have encountered many situations already involving drivers "killing" the car battery trying to warm up their vehicles without running the engine. In cold temperatures, the battery will discharge really fast if the car engine is not running. The number of requests for our battery boost service has spiked last weekend when the temperatures were way below 0. If you do, however, need a quick, safe, and affordable car jumpstart service, call Sparky X!

Car Lockouts.

Cars have a "mind" of their own. Again, last weekend we had numerous car lockout service requests from drivers who were running their cars with keys in the ignition or fobs left inside the car, to warm them up. When you do this, please make sure you have a spare car key available, or, you leave one window open (or the car door ajar, if safe to do so), while running your car, in order to avoid a locked keys in car situation.

Roadside Assistance.

It's winter... Whether you are commuting to work, traveling through the Greater Toronto Area occasionally or, you are just a cautious driver and like to be prepared, always make sure you have an excellent and affordable roadside assistance service at your fingertips. Whether it is your regular long term roadside service or an independent, but affordable roadside assistance service such as Sparky X, make sure you always have an option available if you run into trouble.

At Sparky X Basic Roadside Assistance, we are always ready to come to the rescue if you need any of the following roadside assistance services: battery boost, car lockout, flat tire, fuel delivery, or you need your tires switched to your winter tire set. Please call us anytime! We are here to help!