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Jump Start Car Ajax, ON

Updated: Jan 6

Looking for a reliable roadside assistance provider to jump start your car in Ajax, ON in this cold weather? Call Sparky X! Our rates are highly competitive, and we respond to all "jump start car" calls in Ajax, for vehicles with engines up to 6L gasoline or 3L diesel.

Just a few things to keep in mind when you are searching on Google for jump start car.

  1. 1Did your car engine stop running while you were driving? In this case, you have other problems, such as the alternator, loose battery connection, or other engine or electrical system problems. But if you cannot start the car after it was parked (it doesn't matter for how long) with the engine off, chances are that the problem is a low or dead battery, and we can help.

  2. Newer cars are tricky to start. We highly recommend that you request a professional jump start car service to assist you. The car battery is often located in spots that we are not aware of, or, the jump start procedure requires knowledge of the vehicle and the car jump start process

  3. If your car battery is completely dead and you try to jump start your car by "borrowing power" from another vehicle, beware of the fact that your car might require a long time for the battery to charge, and if you have an improper connection to your car battery, things might get ugly: battery can explode, serious damages to the electrical circuits, resulting in costly repairs for your vehicle.

If you are located in Ajax, ON, call Sparky X to jump start your car, whenever you need! Low cost, professional jump start car service.